Education & Skill Development

Uganda is now in the 2018/2019 Budgeting Process. In your opinion, how can Universal Primary Education Programme be Improved? What should be Prioritized in this in the next UPE budget? (Deadline: January 31st, 2018)

In 1997 the Ugandan government introduced the UPE programme in order to imporve enrolment and attendance of learners in schools. According to the analysis of figures from UNEB and Education & Sports sector annual reports (ESSAPR, 2017), over 5 million children of school going age in Uganda have dropped out of school before P.7 in the last 20 years. In 15 years (8 primary school cycles) over 4.9 million pupils, about 42.6% of the 11.5 million who started, dropped out.


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What is the main reason for girls dropping out of schools?(Deadline:28th Febfruary 2018)

In 1997 the Government of Uganda launched the Universal Primary Education (UPE) program. The 1999 enrollment data collected by the headcount exercise and the school census of 2000 demonstrate that the program has been successful in increasing enrollment rates both for boys and girls. More than 6 million pupils were enrolled in primary education in 1999. However, available information suggests that there are high rates of dropout to the extent that only about 39% o [.........]

Health & Wellbeing

The Issue of Improving Access to Safe Water & Sanitation Service Delivery in Nakuru County, Kenya (Deadline: January 31st, 2018)

Now since the 2017 Electioneering Process is Complete in Kenya, the country and counties are going back to implementing service delivery. Among many functions, the water & sanitation department in Nakuru is mandated to provide the following services (Nakuru County, 2017);

  • Planning ,Survey and mapping, conservation, development  and management of water resources in Nakuru County
  • Operation and maintenance of all water resources
  • Development and Interpr [.........]
Doctors on strike in Uganda - What is your opinion?

The Uganda Medical Association (UMA) has called for a nation-wide industrial action. Since the 6th of November, doctors are on strike under the slogan “Fix health or the stethoscopes are rested”. On the 9th of November UMA announced:

“We are Striking for Citizens
As Doctors we regrete the Unfortunate Statement from MoH regarding this ongoing Strike. For example look at our 3 Issues being raised.
1-Medical Supp [.........]

What is the status of Access to Safe & Clean Water in your community/district? (Deadline: 31st January 2018)

Uganda’s Ministry of Water & Environment (2016) says as of June 2016, the average access to safe water in rural areas was estimated at 67% (which is 2% increase from 65% as of June 2015). Communities need however to be sensitized on hygienic practices in order to maintain a safe water chain from the source up to storage at the household level. The functionality for rural water supplies had however reduced to 86%, from the 88% which was reported in June 2 [.........]

What should be done to stop health workers’ absenteeism in your health facility?(Deadline:28th/February/2018)

Full-time availability of health workers at a health facility is essential, that is why they work in shifts for provision of quality health services.

Health facility in-charges are supposed to develop and display a list of health workers scheduled to be on duty and off-duty on the health facility notice board for the benefit of patients who come for treatment. This mandatory practice is however not followed in some health facil [.........]

What should the government of Uganda do to ensure that there is availability of safe and clean water in communities according to the SDG target by 2030?(Deadline:28th,February 2018)

According to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Goal 6; Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and Sanitation for all, there is a target that  by 2030 there will be  substantially increase in water-use efficiency across all sectors and sustainable supply of freshwater to address water scarcity and substantially reduce the number of people suffering from water scarcity. Only about 5% of households have piped water supplies on their pre [.........]

Economic Development

Role of Land in Supporting Economic Development: Views about the current Comission of Inquiry on Land Matters in Uganda (Deadline: January 31st, 2018)

President Museveni in February 2017 commissioned an inquiry into land matters in Uganda, led by Hon. Lady Justice Catherine Bamugemereire, which started work in May 2017. The Commission of Inquiry, among other issues is to look into the effectiveness of the law and processes of land acquistion, administration, management and registration in Uganda.


What priority issues should be prioritized by this Commission of Inquiry of Land matters in yo [.........]

What should be done to restore the forest cover in Uganda?(Deadline;28th February 2018).

According to public engagements coordinated by ToroDev, citizens have raised concerns about the rate at which the environment is being degraded baring in mind practices like tree cutting, cultivation in wet lands, etc. they are normally cleared by rich people who want to do their personal developments including infrastructure development, charcoal, furniture & paper, etc without considering the future impact to the community members. Experts tell us that witho [.........]


Village (LC I) and Parish (LC II) Elections 2017 in Uganda

Free and fair elections are central to our democracy. It is every citizen’s responsibility to understand the electoral process and have a say. For over 10 years now, Uganda has not conducted elections for local council 1s and 2s. However, there is a program of having the exercise done on 21st of November and 7th of December 2017 (See full program here).

Q1: Have you registered to participate in the elections?

Q2: What is your opinion about [.........]

According to you, which sector should be given priority in the 2018/19 national budget?(Deadline:28th February 2018)

The Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group (CSBAG) believes that Citizens of Uganda should be given the opportunity to participate in debating priorities for Uganda’s national budget. We want to hear what you think is most important to your own development in this financial year.


According to you, which sector should be given priority in the 2018/19 national budget?(Deadline:28< [.........]