Frequently Asked Question

  • Not to Violate the Teachings, National, Society Customs, and Norms.
  • Follow the Relevant Rules and Regulations of the Country.
  • Adhere to Etiquette of Dialogue and Discussion and refrain from Slander, Defamation and Backbiting, Racism and Discrimination against any Race, Sect, Tribe or Gender.
  • Be Objective, Clear, Summarized, and Be Relevant to the Topic of Discussion.
  • Respect other Participants' Viewpoints, and use the Appropriate Words, and Expression while Communicating.
  • Use the Formal Style and Grammatically Correct English as long as possible.
  • Not to Violate the Copyrights and the Rights, Rules, and Regulations of Intellectual Property, and mention the Sources, and References of the Quote.
  • Not to Publish Personal or Contact Information of any Person or any Entity, such as Names, Contact Numbers, Addresses for Marketing Purposes.