The Education and Sports sector strategic plan 2017-2020 has been prepared to provide the policy frame work that will guide the sector as it navigates through its ambitious goal of provinding quality education with an insufficient resourse envelope.

The ESSP point out key strategic bottlenecks that have to be overcome such as inadquate school inspection which creates room for ghost pupils,teachers and even ghost schoolsand abseteesm of both teachers and leaners.

it also brings out outline of the profound contribution that Universal Education has made since its introduction in the country in 1997,clearly pointing out effort to fulfil the United Nation sustainable goal number 4 which is,"To ensure equitable and inclusive quality education and promote life long learning oppotunities for all,"The universal primary education and secondary Education have covered the larger part of inclusivity,equitability and life long learning for all.the one part we now must strive to address is the "quality" aspect which is achieved we will have fulfiled the United Nation sustainable development goal number 4.

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