Terms and conditions

  1. Not to Violate the Teachings, National, Society Customs, and Norms.
  2. Follow the Relevant Rules and Regulations of the Country.
  3. Adhere to Etiquette of Dialogue and Discussion and refrain from Slander, Defamation and Backbiting, Racism and Discrimination against any Race, Sect, Tribe or Gender.
  4. Be Objective, Clear, Summarized, and Be Relevant to the Topic of Discussion.
  5. Respect other Participants' Viewpoints, and use the Appropriate Words, and Expression while Communicating.
  6. Use the Formal Style and Grammatically Correct English as long as possible.
  7. Not to Violate the Copyrights and the Rights, Rules, and Regulations of Intellectual Property, and mention the Sources, and References of the Quote.
  8. Not to Publish Personal or Contact Information of any Person or any Entity, such as Names, Contact Numbers, Addresses for Marketing Purposes.